Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I received a e-book copy of this book through a giveaway on Marie Lavender’s FaceBook page from the author and the following is my honest opinion.

Ghost Whisperer, Pepper Connelly, her sister and chef parents had decided to move so they could undertake a new venture where they could apply their cooking skills. They wound up at the Pebble Brook Lodge which has been abandoned for many years, which meant a total renovation would also be needed.

And what good would a place like this be without a cast of ghosts inhabiting it; as well as a mystery added in for good measure. Pepper and her new friend Ally set out to solve the mystery of Karen Hullet’s death, and to prove that her brother Willet, who had been accused of her murder, is in fact innocent of the crime.

The loved the way Pepper with her friend are able to unravel some of the clues, with a variety of complexity, which had either stymied the adults who been involved with the original investigation, or had been misled in their findings.

In the end these two sleuths found there had been far more to Karen’s demise than anyone back then could have imagined.

The author has used the right combination of ghost hauntings, the occult and even time travel to give her readers a delightful reading experience which has been able to grasp their attention throughout the reading of this book. While this is my overall opinion for the book, I believe it could have been tighten up a bit; which is why I’m this book 4 STARS.

BOOK REVIEW # 2016-024 - OM-BORK

I received a PDF.file of this book from the author through a giveaway he had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

What starts out as being a whimsical story about a young boy [Martin] seeing a spaceship and then tells his classmates about it. Naturally they all make fun of it and begin to call him Martian.

Fifteen years past and Martin is now a grown man and one night coming home from work he hears a whisper and sets out to investigate it just how he did back then. The only difference is this time he finds an alien.

The conversation which follows between them is not about anything scientific as you might expect, it is about G-D and praying. In between the dialogue we can find things important to the tenets of religion. There’s also a direct link to Jesus and an important passage from the Bible itself if you read this book carefully enough.

For the spiritual message presented here I’ve given this book 5 STARS.


Sunday, February 7, 2016


I received a mobi.file which contained ALL THREE volumes of this Young Adult Paranormal series from the author through a giveaway on Marie Lavender’s FaceBook site and the following is my honest opinion.

While the purist might say this book needs to have some editing done; I found the author, writing in the first person of the book’s protagonist, Petra aka “Pink”, adds a certain charm to both the narrative and dialogue in each of the book’s three segments.

In Volume 1, we’re introduced to “Pink”, as Petra prefers to be called.  Pink, who although is not one of the prettiest girl at school, she’s smart and has plenty of resources available to her.

When Seth’s asks for an insincere date with him, while she adores him, Pink and her friends seek some revenge for it.

But things begin to chance when two new and mysterious boys [one of them is called “G” who Pink come to her school, they say they’re angels on a mission and tell Pink she’s very special and the key to the survival of the universe. Naturally, given she knows her place in the hierarchy at her school, she’s quite dubious and skeptical. However, this changes when both Heaven and Hell arrive at her doorstep.

Once you’re drawn into Pink’s personae, you’re drawn into the story itself and are eager to turn the pages to the last page of this segment, and can’t wait to begin reading Volume 2.

In Volume 2, Greg’s assignment has changed, luckily since Pink gad gotten tired of his interference in her life. The tug-of-war between Heaven and Hell continues to increase with Pink playing the part of the rope. Pink learns the price which had been paid for the resurrection of her mother; she’s in mortal danger since Hell is not known for losing graciously.  With angel in her life who has his own agenda, and a demon who has no idea of when to give up and surrender. Pink’s life has become more complicated than ever. And with one of friends on a quest to find the perfect man to be in her life, and her other friend in a secretive relationship, Pink’s life can never be the sane.

Volume 3 has an Armageddon is afoot and Pink whether she likes it or not is at the center. Both the envoys of Heaven and Hell are getting closer and closer to Zero Ground and to her home which is something she can no longer sweep under the rug as if it meant nothing. Pink knows she can’t go down without a fight and she has loads of stuff she must do, like helping her family, figuring out who her true friends are. Everything is coming to a head; past romances, loves, etc begin to be fulfilled, there are new challenges which creep up, and emotions are running amok. What the upshot of everything is, I can’t reveal; it’s for you to find out when you read each of the books in this series.

For an interesting and fun reading experience I’ve given each book in this series 5 STARS.






Thursday, February 4, 2016


I’ve hit a MILESTONE yesterday with my second 2nd          career, that of a Book Reviewer; I reviewed my 250th book since I began in August of 2014. I love the comments I’ve received from the readers of my reviews which indicates to me I must be doing a decent job, and even if I don’t get a comment I believe my current Amazon Ranking of 5,707 is some indication of how others perceive the reviews I’ve written.

I post ALL of my reviews on:

Shelfari  [Shelfari is now combined with GoodReads]

And, of course, here on my blog.

The vast majority of reviews have been done for books I’ve won through the various giveaways each week as I don’t accept requests to review books. I want my reviews to be honest and I merely accept requests to get a free book, I wouldn’t be able to be honest, as I only enter these giveaways for books I’m interested in reading. The other reviews have been done for books I’ve purchased myself.

If you’ve wondered why I’m continuously stating how I received the book I’m reviewing, the answer is quite simple. FTC regulations require me to do so.

When my TBReviewed file is empty I go on a quest to find something interesting on Amazon [which I hope is FREE] to read/review.

So far this year I’ve already posted 22 reviews, which if I continue at this rate will put me ahead of the 163 reviews I posted last year.

If anyone is interested in reading any of my reviews, which cover a wide variety of genres, you’re invited to visit my Amazon profile at:

Have a GREAT DAY and I would love to hear from you.


Robin Leigh

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I have a policy of not accepting any requests for review a book, the only books I review are those I personally want to read or are those I’ve won in the various giveaways I enter on a regular on-going basis for books I’m interested in reading/reviewing. With no books on my TBReviewed pile I decided to check out Amazon for KINDLE books being given a way for FREE.

When I came across this book I felt it would be a good time to have a book like this in my library as there are many mornings I feel as I need something inspirational with which to start my day; and this book is definitely fits what I need.

Each day of the year starts off with a thought and a wonderful quotation from the Good Book for it.  Each citation gives you which version of the bible it has been taken from; NKJV [New King James Version], NIV [New International Version], NLT [New Living Translation], etc.; which is then followed by an appropriate brief vignette for what you’ve read for the day.

I just caught up to today’s date and the book has most definitely fulfilled its intention as far as I’m concerned.  Even though we’re into February now, you can start reading it from the day you get this book and continue reading it for the days you’ve missed. In fact there’s no reason you can’t go on reading it for years.

While the book is entitled “Daily Wisdom for Women – 2016 Devotional Collection,” I feel a great deal of men can benefit from the book as well, which is why I given the Staff of Barbour 5 STARS for their endeavor here.

NOTE: A brief bio for each of the contributors for this book is also given.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Wanting to find something else to occupy my free time besides my writing in August 2014 I decided to become a Book Reviewer. When I started reviewing books, being the person I am, I would shy away from reading all erotic romance novels, especially those which are considered to be GLBT. But now I’m opened to reading/reviewing any and all genres.

Jake by Bea LaRocca is the first truly manage-a-trois involving three males I’ve read. One of these three males, Jake, is a true virgin—a virgin who’s never been even kissed by a female or male.

Jake hasn’t told anyone he considers himself to be gay, however that changes the moment he takes a job as ranch-hand in training at the Striker Ranch. It is there Jake’s true self begins to surface the moment he sees the ranch boss Jackson, and his main honcho Nate; and senses a deep physical attraction towards both of them he can’t really explain.

As in any manage-a-trois, Ms. LaRocca made sure sex played an extremely important part her storyline. But instead of merely having these sex scenes involving an empty shell of characters, she has also allowed for the character development of her three main characters, making sure they become real in her readers minds. And to hold everything together as someone reads “Jake” she threw in some drama and mystery.

For helping me expand my reach of genres to read/review and for having written a story which moves in an enjoyable, cohesive manner I’m giving Ms. LaRocca 5 STARS.  

I received a e-book copy of this book during the 2nd week of The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party and the above has been my honest opinion.



During the first week of The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party I won an e-book copy of this book and for that I’ve written my honest opinion this book.

What young girl doesn’t fantasize even at a young age about becoming a princess and finding a prince she can fall in love with. And as they get older the characters in the books she reads mature along with her. In this book June Eyermann is such a girl, a girl who’s on the border of crossing over to womanhood.

Being the true bibliophile she is, June has taken a particular quality of a certain male character from several of the classic books she adores reading to form her own fantasy male. From Wuthering Heights she’s taken Heathcliff, from Jane Eyre she’s taken Rochester, and from Pride and Prejudice she’s taken Darcy. And just like Danny Kaye’s character did in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, June’s mind drifts off to one of her books when she sees or hears certain things.

When June returns home from her first year of college she desperately needs something to occupy her time with; and what better way could a book lover like her to have than to take a voluntary position at the local library where she can be with all the characters she loves. Even with her characters close at hand, June has her ultimate nameless male character floating around in her mind.

For June to have a fantasy character on her mind is one thing, but to have him suddenly appear in real life is a totally different matter. As you read this book, Ms. Penny has made sure you’ve stepped into June’s shoes as her heart begins to race every time he’s in her presence even after witnessing his fierce sensitivity and having discovered his mysterious past.

If you’ve read things by Lord Byron then you’ll understand precisely what June is thinking about those heroines and that she’s fearful becoming one herself in real life. June is determined that hers will be one which will end in a happily ever after, but to know whether or not she gets it, you’ll have to read this book.

This book is right on target with its intended audience of young girls and will create wonderful memories for those who are somewhat older, which is why I’ve given Ms. Penny 5 STARS for her debut endeavor.