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BOOK REVIEW # 2015-064 - NO QUARTER: DOMINIUM - Novella 1

I received a signed copy through a giveaway on GoodReads and the following is my honest opinion for this novella.

I’m a romance author and the main reason I don’t venture into writing Regency or Historical Romances is the amount of research needed to make sure the things written about are correct. While errors in regards to editing are “acceptable”, factual errors aren’t.

Ms. Evans has basically done a decent job in this regards, however there are times in which the language being used is not appropriate for the time the story takes place, which some editing should be able to resolve.

The storyline deals with a shipwreck, in which two young sisters [Atia and Livia] survive and wind up in the worst city possible during the years the story takes place, 1869 in Port Royal, Jamaica. It is here they get kidnapped, separated and wind up in the slavery system which is prevalent at this time.

This first novella is essentially about Atia since she doesn’t get reunited with her sister Livia until towards the end.

When they get separated Atia becomes the prize in a card game. When the scorned French pirate, Gator Gar, becomes enthralled by the sheer beauty she possesses he quickly sets out to free her from her predicament. With a price on both of their heads they make their way to the Blue Mountains after which the attraction they have for each other becomes intense. There is unexplained outbreak of scarlet fever in the city which aids them in their escape.

While I enjoyed the premise for this volume of the serious, the storyline itself could be tighten up a bit. All-in-all, with all things considered, I’m giving this first volume of the series 4 STARS.



I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. It should be note I’d won a copy of the first book of this series through a giveaway on and had written a review for it as well.

Once again, Michael Stubben has succeeded in communicating to young readers an important life lesson; this time the lesson Kichin’ Lenny learns deals with sportsmanship and teamwork.

While Lenny is a great goal keeper, his younger brother is a great scorer; and each longs to be like the other. When Lenny finally scores a goal, he enjoys what he has done and then realizes he has had the same fun feeling when he succeeds in blocking the goals being attempted by the other team.

The author in writing this book doesn’t talk down to the child reading it but draws the readers into the story and its lesson by addition of humor.

I’m pleased to give this book 5 STARS.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I received a signed copy of this book from an internet giveaway I’d entered and the following is my honest opinion of it.

”Beneath Scarlett Valley” by Ms. Dempster is a multi-genre YA paranormal romance novel which contains elements of a fantasy and mythology. On the surface Harper and Cassidy look like two beautiful sisters; however they share a horrific secret, they’re actually two 117 year old half-breeds consisting of being part human and part Furor who have an insatiable to kill again and again every time the demon rage of this side rears its evil head; which is why they’ve returned to their childhood home in Scarlett Valley. It is here they hope to find and then drink from the ever-moving Source of Immortality so they can replenish theirs.

When Harper and Cassidy return to Scarlett Valley, Cassidy has had her fill of an endless life and while she desires to welcome Death with open arms she’s still committed in helping her sister find their quest. However, love comes into Cassidy’s life in the form of Sebastian, the school’s swimming star, and now she’s reconsidered ending her existence.

To add suspense to the story Ms. Dempster adds not only a adversary, the Seer, whose mission is to the prevent the Source from being found; she also has characters who they’re what they appear to be. The pacing of the story with its numerous plot twists add to the enjoyment of reading this book.

The only thing I found which might have improved the book, in my opinion, would be a better title. [Suggestion: “The Source of Immortality”].  But, in the end, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.


Friday, April 24, 2015


This book is second of three books I’ve recently won which had been offered as part of an internet giveaway by the publisher and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

Several months ago when I began my 2nd second as a Book Reviewer I would shy away anything erotic, especially if included any BDSM, but these days nothing fazes me in reading/reviewing any romance novels.

Ms. Barber couldn’t have picked a better for her book than “Playing the Game” because this is what the storyline is all about, two men and one woman engaging in sexual games which go way beyond the lovey-dovey love making ordinary couples engaged in.

The thing is Alice is definitely not a floozy; she’s a well-educated woman who works as a mechanical engineer, who desires to get some satisfaction and closer to her lovers something she hasn’t been able to do. If you’re interested in fantasizing about a relationship in a threesome, you can step into Alice’s shoes, throw away any notion of love you might have and discard being independent in a relationship in order to become more submissive, this book might be something you might consider reading.

But before you do, you might want to know a little about who is going to complete this threesome you about to enter in reading this book. To begin with you’ll have a dichotomy in the two guys you’re going to meet who happen to share the apartment across the hall from you.

On one side of this dichotomy you’ll meet Henry who’s a quirky kind of gentleman who will deny himself anything so he can keep to the code of honor he’s created for himself, and at the same time he wants to control anything that’s around him. On the other side you’ve got Jay who is a bit coquettish and somewhat playful, he needs to be guided to order to maintain a sense of strength, and has a strong need to please others.

Besides the graphic language Ms. Barber has used for the book; be warned she’s held nothing back as she takes you into a world of explicit sex, spanking, bondage, BDSM and even a menage a trois.

For the erotic experience Ms. Barber has created for her readers, how can I not give this book the 5 STARS I’ve given it.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This book is one of three I’ve recently won which had been offered as part of an internet giveaway by the publisher and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

This story takes place in the relatively small tourist town of South Clove, California. Who doesn’t love these quaint small towns, I know I do; especially the small stores which populate towns like this. As I read this book images of the television program “Murder She Wrote” kept popping into my mind. I saw Jill Gardner filling the shoes of crime author Jessica Fletcher; and like Jessica, Jill is involving with books, she sells them instead of writing them.

And like Cabot Cove, Maine where Jessica is the protagonist, there’s a lot of intriguing things happening with Jill taking on the role of the protagonist.

Being well-known and liked in South Clove, the mayor finagles Jill into becoming the town’s liaison to a new work program to benefit the town’s merchants for the holiday season. Jill first has to sell everyone on the plan, because they’re fearful that it would mean hiring the undesirables, undesirables who they’d never hired on their own.  But, unfortunately, it would also mean having to work with a guy she knows all too well after a few interactions, Ted Hendricks. 

However, soon he is found dead in his car, in front of the police office station; and while her hot detective boyfriend thinks it’s a suicide, Jill, like Jessica thinks a murder has taken place and sets out to prove it.  If this isn’t enough, a ritzy blonde wants to sue the city for causing the heel on her shoe to break, interfering with the investigations to find the truth.

And like Jessica in Murder She Wrote, Ms Cahoon does a wonderful job in keeping the “surprise” murderer a secret to the end of the book. For this romantic mystery, I must now reveal my feelings for this book, which is 5 STARS.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being a Book Reviewer and only reading/reviewing books I’ve either won from the numerous giveaways I enter or have been written by members of the internet support group I belong to can cause me, as is the case with this book, to read/review the second book in a series without reading the first one and missing the events which had transpired prior to my coming into the storyline.  The following is my honest opinion for this book.

We’ve all heard the story of Atlantis and how it had mysteriously disappeared into the sea, in Lauren Kate’s book “Waterfall” the tears of one lone girl, Eureka, has caused most of the earth to be flooded; and now the evil king of Atlantis, Atlas, is bringing Atlantis back thanks to power contained in these same tears. The king is the not the only one she needs to worry about as she several exiled sorceresses provoking her as well.

In the fantasy world the author created, Eureka is also the one with capable of returning things the way they’d been before she’d caused everything; but first she needs to learn more about the powers she possesses. She meets up with Ander, a Seedbearer, who assures her he will help her find another Seedbearer, Solon. Romance now kicks in as Eureka falls in love with him, but when she meets Solon and an exciting, heart-breaking love triangle ensues.

She finds an enchanted pond which gives her an understanding, provided Eureka has the willpower she can use her newly gained knowledge to cause the downfall of Atlas. However, if the broken heart she’s suffered rules her mind, then he’ll obtain the energy he needs to have Atlantis rise again.

I found the romantic thread in the storyline to be quite somewhat powerful at times, adding to the appeal of this book for which I’m giving 5 STARS.