Monday, October 12, 2015


In the past week I’ve read/reviewed a total of 7 books from four different genres, which for being a Book Reviewer is quite refreshing experience.

With two WIPs still sitting on the back burners, why am I looking at releasing the recycled short story I’d mentioned last week? Perhaps it’s my wanting to have a bigger variety of books of different genres published under my belt.

If this isn’t enough, having reviewed 190 books so far, from picture books for children to erotic romance novels, with one being actually being pornographic in nature, I figure it’s about time for me to step out of my comfort zone and write a short novella in the GLBT/Erotic category. So far, since yesterday, I’ve written about 750 words. I’m not going to give any details of it, but I’m going to post my progress on in each Status Report here on my blog.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


How many of you have written something which you've tossed aside only to go back to it at a later time to revamp it so it could be used for a different purpose than you had previously wanted to use it for.

The same thing is happening to me right now. 

In the middle of November of last year, as far as I can recall, I started to write a third W.I.P, see, to see what my other two WIPs are. This endeavor novella would have been a NA [New Adult] Contemporary romance novella entitled "It Had All Been a Game" with a second chance romance as the story line. But after writing several chapters the creativity ceased as a terminal case of Writer's Block took over and needless to say this manuscript soon became R.I.P.

The thing about R.I.P. manuscripts is that sooner or later if the creative spirits will it, a resurrection can occur with a new purpose for its existence. This is what happened to me when  I learned that the RWA [Romance Writers of America] wanted to compile a second anthology with submissions from its gifted membership. I revamped the story to fit the submission requirement regarding length and had submitted it towards the end of the submission period. The announcement of the winning submission had been scheduled for the end of May.  May came and went as did June, July. August, September; and it wasn't until a few days ago when the announcement emails got sent out. Unfortunately, my submission didn't get selected,

With the death of my endeavor occurring a second time I wasn't going to wait for a new opportunity to arise again. Using the knowledge I've gained since becoming a Book Reviewer, and seeing the length of many of the KINDLE items out there, I've decided to self-publish this endeavor as a Short Story.  This is something I hope to release in about 8 - 10 weeks.

Friday, October 9, 2015


As an author with two books under my belt, and two more in the processing of being written, like practically all other authors I’ve come down with the dreaded condition fondly know as WRITER’S BLOCK.

I suffered from this condition several times as I wrote my first novel and needed to find something which would stimulate those little cells in my mind. Luckily I found a site which would supply me with a weekly prompt word for which I had to respond by a FIVE SENTENCE story. Eventually I compiled the ones I’ve done and other which I had not into my second.

I currently have two WIPs which are currently on hold. I’m definitely going to come back to this book when I return to working on these endeavors. The reason for this is Ms. Pacelli’s endeavor here gives her readers not one kind of writing exercise to stimulate their creativity, but 60 of them, and each one can used over and over again.

Do not let my talking about this book helping authors get over their writer’s block deter anyone else from reading this book. This book will be of a great use to anyone who has a creative mind and wants to have something to stimulate; whether or not the end results will be published.

For aiding the creativity all of us have, I’m giving Ms. Pacelli’s book 5 STARS.

I received a KINDLE Edition of this book from the author through her LibraryThing giveaway, and the above has been my honest opinion.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I won an e-book edition of this book written by Amber Daulton through her giveaway on LibraryThing recently and the following in my honest opinion.

This story is an updated version of the old folk tale which practically very young girl has read as a child and since that day has dreamt of finding someone who would become her own Prince Charming. Have you ever have this dream?

In her book, Annalise Gallagher is Cinderella and Elijah Burleigh is her Prince Charming. But unlike her who was beautiful, but wore rags; Annalise had beautiful clothes looks quite ordinary.

One night Annalise and her three girlfriends find a magical locket and each make the same wish to look extremely beautiful and wake up the next morning, their wishes fulfilled. However, the magic will only last for 24 hours, midnight to midnight.

When she wakes up Annalise and see her wish has been granted, goes to him and is totally surprised when he invites her to be his guest at his friend’s wedding later that evening. When she meets him later she’s dressed in a haute couture gown straight from Paris, vowing to make the most of the time she has left to be with him.

But with no Fairy Grandmother around her appearance to the way her Prince had seen her the previously night, but what will happen Annalise awakes and Elijah sees her the way she normally looks like?  Will he demand to know what happened; or will she wake to find him waiting for her to wake and ask if he can do anything for her?  Until you read this book, you’ll just have to dream about what happens.

As I read this book the author’s writing has been such that at times I felt as if I’d been a shadow watching what’s transpiring in front of me, which is why I’m giving this book FIVE STARS.




I received a set of four books [PDF.file] from his author’s The Great Book of Animal Knowledge series centering on CATS through his giveaway on LibraryThing, and the following is my honest opinion for it.

Each of these four books

VOLUME 4 – CHEETAHS: The Fastest Cats on the Planet

VOLUME 5 – TIGERS: Deadly Predators of the Jungle

VOLUME 6 – LIONS: Powerful Kings of the Wild

VOLUME 9 – LEOPARDS: Stalkers of the Wild

while brief in length this book offers its young readers a clear and concise description for various aspects of this cat and its life, which is aided by each of the 20+ photographs above each description. And for this, I’m giving each of these books 4 STARS.


I obtained a copy of this book through a giveaway on GoodReads and the following is my honest opinion.

My dear OH and I, having no children, have been cat lovers for years, which is why I couldn’t resist trying to win a copy of this book.

Ms. Petrova has done a marvelous job with her book, beginning with the tragic death of her dear mother and how Zarathustra became her cat and had her come out the depression she found herself in. The author is quite fortunate to have bonded with her cat the way she has because of their independence and elusiveness. She is also fortunate to have had a mother who taught everything she knew, as well as curiosity and willingness to look at different fields, this ultimately led her to develop the artistic skills used in creating the art which is displayed in this book.

However, this book wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for her cat, who loved to be a show-off by posing in different positions on his own so he could be photographed by Ms. Petrova. The author then sought out the perfect masterpieces painted by all the famous artists in the world which she get high resolution images of, and then artistically and painstakingly photoshop the photos she had of her cat onto.

To add to the enjoyment of each of her finished pictures the author has combined the historical points about each one as well as having the cat presence in the now improved masterpiece explained.

I believe this book makes for a pleasant reading experience for all cat and art lovers. Given the pictures in this book and the quality of the paper being used, this price is quite reasonable when compared to other books out there. I’m therefore happy to give this book 5 STARS.


As promised, I hope to post some sort of writing tip each Monday starting today. I felt the best way to start is to handle the issue or problem regarding names for the characters in our books.

Every author in writing their book(s) has to face the dilemma of what to name our characters, luckily for us if our story takes place in the United States, we have a superb tool to help remedy the situation. When we name our characters, we want their names to be appropriate for the time period the story is taking place, and of course it would be wonderful if we can know what the most popular names were for our characters when they were born.

In my debut MG/YA Paranormal Romance novel, "I Kissed a Ghost", I wanted my characters to be around 13 years old which would mean they were born in 1997. And since my story has a time travel element to it, I would also need to know the most popular names in 1897.

There's a lot more fun stuff can LAO find out how popular your name has been since you were born. Here's the link to the site.